Are you on time?

Yes, we are. We recommend maximum punctuality and to arrive at least 5 minutes before boarding time.

Arriving late, in addition to making other people wait, reduces the time of the trip as we have to respect

the schedule of the following tour.

How long is the journey?

You can choose between many different excursions (see Excursions paragraph).

How should I dress?

There are no particular needs. During navigation it is always colder than on land and in case of wind it is

wise to have a suitable jacket. During summer afternoons  it can be very hot, while in the evening

and at night it is cooler than on the ground. In May and September bring warm clothing.

Is there a toilet on board?

Yes, there is. The ship is equipped with a toilet.

 Is it possible to have a snack on board?

Yes, it is. It is possible to have a refreshment on board, but agreements must be made at the time of


Is navigation suitable for disabled people?

Yes, over the years we have created a suitable gangway for boarding wheelchairs. It is however advisable

to contact us the day before as we are somewhat constrained by high and low tide events.

Is navigation suitable for children?

Children must always be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for the entire duration of the

tour (one adult for every 2 children).

Is there a tour guide on board?

During the tour the Captain will show you the local beauties with an  historical-cultural explanation.

Brochures are available on board in English and German. There is also the possibility to book a licensed

tour guide (under payment).

Can I bring animals on board?

Yes, of course. Animals are welcome.

I can't swim, are there life jackets for everyone?

Yes, our boats are equipped with all the safety standards. We are provided with 150N approved life jackets

for each passenger (also for children) and lifeboats.

To ask for more information?

For any other information call +39 3284513759

To know the prices?

For prices call +39 3284513759

We will provide you with the prices case by case.